Progress on Behind the Sims

After my pitch video, I started playing the Sims, recording a ‘Let’s Play’ that was planned to be a part of a series, ‘Seriously Sims’. I realised that I was more interested in developing an analytical piece and not so much records of myself playing the game where I discuss my framework. So, I have refined the pitch plan, cutting out the collection of blog posts of the ‘let’s play’ to focus my attention and effort to research for an analytical digital artefact, a video essay.

I am continuing to play the game to engage with being the Player, which is a part of my analytical triangle, but have aligned my online piece to something I am more interested in investigating, with aim to produce an informative video about ‘How and Why people play the Sims the way they do’. So, I now welcome you to the new and reformed video essay called ‘Behind the Sims’. This change will also help with my feedback I received for my pitch, being that the analytical triangle might run down fast and need to be rigours.

With my concept change I will now commit to an analytical voice, allowing my analysis to be rigour as the purpose of discovery for the video essay ‘the how and whys of the Sims Playing experience’ can directly be linked to the framework now. I can further use my framework it to guide the whole research as the backbone for my main question making the development stages a lot clearer.

Take a look on my Script progress so far & player feedback on my ideas
Research Articles mentioned in video:

Self-Portrayal in a Simulated Life: Projecting Personality and Values in The Sims 2:

Players Unleashed!: Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming:



  1. Hi Emma, your DA is really interesting and goes into depth about behind the scenes of the sims. Your blog and BETA video didn’t repeat which was exact to the criteria! I think you have a great idea with the video essay as your final project as you can do so much with it and highlight heaps of research you have done for you DA. You went into depth with how and why people play sims which shows an analytic perspective of how players create their own meaning from the text which is structuralism. You also provide information about an analytical framework triangle about the player, game simulation and mods which also crosses over with the feedback you have received from peers. The way your thought process lead to you posting polls on facebook with your own opinion was a really creative way to receive feedback from the sims community however I do recommend posting on reddit and twitter to gain more audience members reacting to your DA.

    Your research that you added in your beta video was clear and a constructive way to represent where you have received your information from for your final project. Also sharing your draft idea statements was a good to show where you started from!

    Overall, cannot wait to see your DA!


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