Escape the Present with Time Travel

** At the end of blog post is an attached video: Explained by Emma. Below is the transcript to that video **

Have you heard of TIMESCAPE?

TIMESCAPE is the new tabletop board game on the block that is currently in prototyping stages, that simulates the experience of going back and forward through time.

Take a look at what the game is in this Game Pitch Video:

I worked with a group of fellow first-time game creators to develop the present game and what it entails. When working with a group of seven, we immediately knew we had to delegate roles to allow for everyone’s creativity to be expressed.

My section of the group game was the theme and setting, outlining what the aesthetics add to the game. This part can be viewed here:

The Experience I was trying to Emulate:

When creating the game, I had the intention to create a realistic experience of traveling to different periods of time and simulating what the time period would look and feel like for the time traveler or in other words player. The theme and setting will correlate in terms of the mechanics, taking the player into the time period. When turning the spinner and letting chance choose which world to travel to, it is the physical activity for the players to hope into the time-transportation machine and switch worlds to escape the present sphere.

Alongside the intended experience, implementation of the 3 Act structure will reinforce these elements and create a moving through time experience for the players – conveying the format of the game in a succinct manner.

Act 1 – The Setup

  • TIMESCAPE will initiate the players into the world of time travel.
  • Time travelers are introduced to the 4 distinct time periods. Seeing the icy magic of the Ice-age, the history and character of the medieval time, the techno and sensory world of the sci-fi future era, and the mysterious vibes of the prehistoric era.
  •  They begin with taking on a persona and preparing to step into the randomized time frame and let the adrenaline of the competition take over as they set up to escape the time loop.

Act 2 – The Confrontation

  • The crux of the game starts now, as the action begins. All players become interactive with the game as they board the time travel machine by spinning the clock, allowing for the chance to choose if they will be visiting the medieval, ice-age, sci-fi, or prehistoric era.
  • This mechanic creates suspense: will my competition be in the same era as me? Will they make it out of the time loop before me?
  • This now takes the player to roll the dice, meaning that it can either add or deduct time to their points in the purist to reach 24 points to complete the 24 hours. Chance of the dice! Will I get negative numbers or positive numbers? I am on a positive streak; I hope my fellow time travelers get negative so I jump out of the time loop myself First!

Act 3 – Resolution

  • Time Travellers have accumulated their points and have traveled around the time periods
  • The points direct them to the time traveler who has reached 24 hours and has been granted to leave the time loop, ultimately leaving one the winner of TIMESCAPE. 

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